Retiring Abroad: How Glenda Cole is Living Her Storybook Life in Portugal (Ep.14)

Retiring Abroad: How Glenda Cole is Living Her Storybook Life in Portugal (Ep.14)

A lot of us spend time planning for our retirement from a financial perspective, which I will never tell you is a bad thing. However, how much thought have you given to HOW you will spend your retirement?

Everyone deserves to Retire to a Life You Love®, and today’s guest has done just that! Glenda Cole shares what it’s like living her storybook life in Portugal including details surrounding what led her to choose to leave the US. She gives insight and helpful tips about living abroad including the relaxed lifestyle, and affordable cost of living.

Gain insight into living abroad as Glenda shares:

  • Her journey of retiring to Portugal and what led her to this “leap of faith” decision
  • The perks and drawbacks of living abroad including tax implications
  • How she maintains her relationships in the United States
  • A day in the life of a retiree in Portugal (Yes, it’s as amazing as it sounds!)
  • And more


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About Glenda Cole: 

Glenda Cole’s career culminated as the Vice President of Marketing and Sponsorship for a U.S. developer of luxury shopping malls.  She managed a team of just under 100 professionals and a budget of over $60 million.  She was responsible for the marketing strategy for some of the most prestigious malls in the U.S., including upscale properties in most of the major markets in America.  She was awarded the prestigious International Webby Award for internet excellence and two Silver Caddys for copywriting.  

Glenda was the company spokesperson for marketing and was featured in television, radio, internet, and print interviews.  She created partnerships with many brands, including Disney’s Frozen, Fox Studios Ice Age, the Broadway show Wicked, Microsoft, and American Express.  Glenda is most proud of being recognized as the “most inspirational executive” in the company.  Since retiring to Portugal, Glenda has written a column in the Portugal Resident and has been the Social Secretary for the Casa social club.  She currently writes, creates internet content, and appears as a speaker for International Living magazine.  

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