Discovering Your Purpose in Retirement – Planning for Happiness in the Next Chapter of Your Life with Sue Mintz (Ep.17)

Discovering Your Purpose in Retirement – Planning for Happiness in the Next Chapter of Your Life with Sue Mintz (Ep.17)

While it’s widely acknowledged that retirement involves careful financial planning, its essence extends far beyond mere numbers – a facet often overlooked. 

Today, Sue Mintz, a certified retirement transition coach, unravels the intricacies of crafting a comprehensive retirement strategy that embraces the full spectrum of considerations. Sue highlights that retirement should be viewed as a process, not just an event, with different phases like the “honeymoon,” “messy middle,” and “new normal”. She emphasizes the need for a holistic retirement plan, focusing on mental and physical health, time management, and financial stability. 

Tune in to gain insight into common misconceptions about retirement as well as:

  • Addressing non-financial aspects of retirement like social connections, purpose, and structure
  • The concept of “unretiring” due to increased life expectancy and evolving priorities
  • How to redefine your retirement based on your preferences and goals
  • The value of retirement transition coaching
  • And more


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About Sue Mintz: 

During Sue Mintz’s career at a Fortune 500 company, she excelled in leadership development training and career coaching. Since retiring, she became the founder of Retirementhood™.  She is a Certified Retirement Transition Coach, speaker, writer, and workshop facilitator, focused on educating and guiding soon-to-be, or recent retirees on the importance of planning for the non-financial side of retirement. Sue offers a structured process for planning a lifestyle that is purposeful, healthy, enjoyable, and fulfills long-awaited goals. She is not a financial adviser.  

She received her retirement coaching certification through Retirement Options, a division of Career Partners Intl, LLC., and she has also been certified as an Authorized “Now What®” Coach/Facilitator. Additionally, she remains an active member of the Retirement Coaches Association.  For more information about Sue, the services she offers, and her publications, visit or contact her at

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