Turning Your Hobby Into a Paid Passion with Lee Rathbun (Ep.16)

Turning Your Hobby Into a Paid Passion with Lee Rathbun (Ep.16)

“Find a job you’ll love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”’

But how?

Michelle Gessner is joined by special guest Lee Rathbun, a part-time sports official who shares his journey of turning his hobby into a paid gig. They explore the theme of “What are you going to do in retirement,” emphasizing the importance of not just planning for financial security but also planning for a fulfilling retirement lifestyle.

Lee Rathbun shares his experience of transitioning from baseball to football and lacrosse officiating, highlighting the physical activity, competition, and enjoyment he derives from his role as a referee. 

This installment of Retire To A Life You Love® discusses:

  • How Lee turned a hobby into paid opportunities
  • The benefits of doing something you like both for your physical and mental well-being
  • Dealing with pressure on and off the field
  • The shortage of referees & why you should consider becoming a sports official if you have a passion for sports
  • And more


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About Lee Rathbun:

Lee Rathbun has lived in Houston since 2012 but is originally from Gaithersburg, Maryland. He has a bachelor’s degree in business with a master’s in telecommunications, both from the University of Maryland, and spent 9 years serving in the US Navy.  With a career in the transportation industry in logistics, Lee spends a lot of his free time as a high school football and lacrosse referee across metro Houston and in Pennsylvania where he lived before arriving in Houston. He’s also been found participating in various mud runs like the Spartan race. Lee has been a referee in his free time since 2005, about 19 years.  He is assigned anywhere between 2-4 games per week and sometimes more.  

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